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How to start a charcoal grille

How to Charcoal Grille

We have made the article to learn how to start a charcoal grill or how to light charcoal grille? The following article we will guide you step by step on how to start charcoal grill. Starting a charcoal grille is not so easy for those who don’t know the actual way to burn a charcoal. But once you learn the right way, you become the master of it.

How to start a charcoal chimney without lighter fluid

We will explain 3 common methods to start/light a charcoal grill easy and fast. The first method is lighting coals with chimney without using lighter fluid.

If you want the easiest way to light charcoal without lighter fluid then you have to go out and get a chimney starter. This method is my favorite from anything else because of its availability. The concept of the chimney starter is quite simple: You have to fill up the space on the bottom with a piece of newspaper. Then fill the newspaper with a piece of coal and light the newspaper. The fire and heat from the newspaper burn the bottom coals, and then the fire builds up. While top of the coals are covered with gray ash then you are ready to go on.

Since the coals are centered vertically in a comparatively small space, the chimney starter is incredibly effective. Because it can gather in one place and heat up. Simply I love this method because it’s more faster than using lighter fluid. And one more thing I forgot to tell you there’s has no lasting chemical smell just waiting to ruin your food.

How to start charcoal with lighter fluid

Charcoal starter fluid is the second one among the three of common method. The entire process is quite simple: At first you have to go out and arrange the charcoal in a pile as like pyramid. Make sure you have keeping the charcoal close together. That will help the fire spread from coal to coal easily so they’re ready to use faster. Read the lighter fluid directions for using proper amounts of fluid. One thing you have to always remember, don’t ever spray onto a lit fire or hot coals. Use the lighter fluid in to the top of the coals and light immediately. The coals are ready to cooking while the coals are covered with gray ash.

Charcoal grill with gas starter

The third method is charcoal grill with gash starter. A gas charcoal grill is easier to light, but in this case the charcoal also needs to heat up properly. Now the flowing question is how can I light charcoal grill with gas starter? Firstly place your charcoal as like a pyramid. A gas starter uses natural gas to create flames. These flames light the charcoal, once the charcoal is well light, you can turn off the gas starter. Gas starters are safe if you use and maintain it properly. Note: It is so important to install a gas starter correctly to prevent gas leaks in the system.

Charcoal grill safety

Do you ever think about safety of charcoal grill? Let’s talk about the five common charcoal grille safety tips what you must consider to look at before start grilling.

  • Check the gas lines.
  • Get a well-ventilated area to grilling.
  • Use combustible items carefully.
  • Always make your grill clean.
  • And create a safe zone.

Question and Answer (Q & A)

Q: How charcoal made?
A: Usually charcoal is made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum.

Q: Lighter fluid or gash starter which on is better?
A: Usually it is defending on your needs! I mean if you want make your charcoal in a short time in these case you have to take gash starter. Otherwise if think about the cost you should go for lighter fluid or newspaper.

Q: How much time needed to light charcoal properly?
A: After start burning coal the entire process take 10 to 15 minutes.

Q: What is the perfect temperature for grilling?
A: While the question comes, in one word 250F degree is the perfect temperature for grilling.

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